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Questions About Rewards?
What Is HARTS Rewards?
Harts appreciates your business and wants to make your visits to our stores more rewarding.  Now, when you make purchases at participating Harts locations, you earn redeemable s that you can spend just like cash at our sites.*  It's just our way of sharin' the love.  Earn one ♥ for every dollar spent or enjoy 1¢ off every gallon of gas.

Is the HARTS Rewards card free?

What are the requirements for joining the HARTS Rewards program?
Provide us with complete and accurate enrollment information and enjoy spending your s.

How do I spend my s like cash?
When you've finished shopping, let the cashier know that you want to spend your s. The cashier will apply any s you have available toward the purchase price.  Earn one ♥ for every $1 you spent.  Each is equal to 1¢.

What if I lose my card?
If you registered your card- no worries!  Just go to your nearest Harts location and pick up a new card. Call the toll free number on the back and we will transfer your balance from the lost card to your new one. If your card was not registered, there is nothing we can do...please be sure to register your card.  

How do I redeem instant prizes?
Take your prize receipt, along with the item you've won, to the cashier. Our friendly staff will process your free item for you.  

How do I know how many ♥s I have earned?
Total accumulated s and s earned during your store visit will be printed on the bottom of your receipt. You may also obtain your account information online at or by calling our Reward Center at 1-888-339-7064.  

* Some exclusions may apply.
s are not redeemable for cash.